About Us

XenomatiX is the first company to offer true-solid-state LiDAR sensors based on a multi-beam lasers concept and risk-free, scalable, semiconductor technology. XenomatiX’ sensors are known for their unique concept using mature technology components:• A CMOS-based detector generating high density 3D & intensity point clouds as well as 2D images. This rich data set accurately reveals people and objects’ position, size and shape, as well as distance and motion ahead of and around a vehicle in all weather conditions.• A multi- beam laser projector generating a high-resolution grid of measurement points.• A true solid state lidar with no mechanical or moving parts with high reliability and very attractive pricing.XenomatiX’ product lines include a broad range of sensing solutions: the millimeter accurate road lidar, XenoTrack; the long & mid-range, off-the-shelf XenoLidar-X and the modular series X-Module; as well as two software products XenoWare and X-Ware. For the Automotive and Industrial markets, XenomatiX offers customized series-production lidar modules, referred to as X-Module, for ADAS and AD applications, with a focus on performance, size and cost.The 6D Road Scanning solutions, based on XenoTrack, provide a complete digital twin of the road to automotive and road market stakeholders. Accurate, lane-wide measurements enable the calculation of road waviness (like IRI), lateral profiles and pavement damages. Ideal for road scanning, surveying and pro-active suspension applications. Today, the company counts over 40 employees in Belgium, Germany, the US and China, as well as a solid distribution network through TOYO Corporations, JAT and Shanghai ZK. XenomatiX’ partnership with Tier 1 suppliers and automotive companies include, amongst others Marelli, AGC, Siemens, Imec, Septentrio, and Kautex.XenomatiX is ISO9001:2015 certified, demonstrating its commitment to safety, quality management, and rigorous validation processes.