About Us

XetaWave, based just east of Boulder, Colorado, is a leading developer of the most advanced, high performing, cost effective platform of software defined radios (SDR), IO and Edge computing devices across a global frequency range to meet the application needs of industries such as oil and gas, water and wastewater, electric power, and the military. The current platform of XetaWave radios include: Xeta9 single or dual band ISM/MAS (902-960 MHz), Xeta1 (150-232 MHz), Xeta2 (216-232 MHz), Xeta3 (VHF/UHF 225-380 MHz), Xeta4 (406-512 MHz) – full duplex, Xeta7 (700 MHz), Xeta13 (1.3 GHz), Xeta14 (1.3 GHz), Xeta24 (2.4 GHz). IO - Ethernet, Serial, Data Logging/Concentrator. XetaEDGE - 400 MHz & 900 MHz Edge Computing with programmable IO. All XetaWave radios are 100% designed, manufactured, and tested in-house at its headquarters in Louisville, Colorado.