About Us

YOST Labs enables motion and position tracking in many of today’s and tomorrow’s most exciting products. We enable virtual reality to be immersive and interactive. We enable drones and autonomous cars to navigate. We enable robots to move where they are directed to go. We tell you exactly where you are and where you are heading. We are YOST Labs. YOST Lab’s innovative 3-Space™ sensors and sensor fusion firmware are frontrunners in the category of Attitude Heading Reference Systems and Inertial Motion Units (AHRS/IMU). Two patents have been awarded and numerous other patents applications are pending. Customers include industry leaders such as Apple, Google, Oculus, SRI, Siemens, Nissan, VW, Lockheed Martin, and the US Navy. YOST Lab’s motion capture suits have broken through price/performance barriers. Our soon-to-be-launched PrioVR™ Dev Kit suit has pre-sold thousands of units and by CYE 2016 promises to have the largest user community of any full-body inertial sensor interface device in the world. PrioVR is the Virtual Reality Gaming Suit of Your Dreams” - GizmodoAccuracy is of prime importance in shooting games, and PrioVR offered some of the most accurate gesture-based gameplay I've seen to date.” - The Verge The 5 Most Interesting Things at CES Unveiled 2014” - Popular MechanicsWe hire individuals with relevant industry and academic experience who can aid in product design and development as well as assisting clients with implementation and real-world solutions. YOST Labs offers a relaxed friendly team environment for employees. The dress code is casual. The office includes a kitchen and full shower facilities and employees enjoy flexible work hours."