About Us


At Zendar, we are building the highest resolution automotive radar in the world. Our product combines the benefits of radar, with the resolution of lidar.

Traditional automotive radars are limited by compute and memory and therefore prematurely discard information, leading to poor resolution and density. Zendar's centralized, high-performance coherent processing of radar sensors unlocks the full potential of all radar front ends. Zendar’s software implementation can run on existing ADAS compute units, enabling significant cost efficiencies and lower sensor replacement costs.

We want to make autonomous driving safe and accessible for everyone. Current automotive radars are inadequate for Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS). Such systems demand high-resolution, robust sensing in all conditions, including inclement weather and bad lighting.

With Zendar, simple inexpensive radar front-ends distributed around the vehicle, coupled with the power of AI and advanced signal processing deliver significant results. Zendar’s radar has enhanced object detection, 10x better resolution, 2D velocity estimation, and full 360° coverage, all without adding cost.